What some of our other kitten buyers have said about us.

Dallas is my third Maine Coon. I lost my other two at 18 and 17 years of age in 2013. Through my connections to Tropikoons I got baby Dallas in 2012 before I lost my old guys. Having Dallas provided such comfort to me during that time of great loss. Dallas was even a great comfort to my old man Sammy in his last years…he loved to cuddle and Dallas is quite a cuddler!

If you have ever had any exposure to this breed of cat, Tropikoon’s kitties exemplify the very best this breed has to offer. Not only is Dallas big and gorgeous she has huge personality. She greets me at the door when I come home, runs to the window to watch me leave and is waiting the minute I step out of the shower. She sleeps between my legs or cuddled up under my arm every single night. She is quirky with an amazing sense of humor. Overall she is an incredibly well behaved cat, but from time to time finds her mischief and when she does….SHE OWNS IT! In typical Maine Coon style she is engaged in everything that I do reading, cleaning, working, napping, watching TV….she’s right in the middle of it all.

In addition to having Dallas, I have had the opportunity to know Stephanie and help with her Tropikoon’s Maine Coon Kitties over the last 10 years and I can say that all of her cats are not only stunningly gorgeous but huge in personality: fun, sweet, gentle giants.

Nikki Boyce

For several years we spent some time with Stephanie, from Tropikoon discussing Maine Coon cats, at cat shows. At the time we had two male Maine Coons that we got as kittens. We found her advice very informative.

One of our boys died, at the age of fifteen. My wife wanted to get a girl Maine Coon this time, as we always had male cats in the past.
We got in contact with Stephanie at Tropikoon and were able to get Haley. Our name for her. Haley is a very sweet, healthy and adorable cat, but with a unique personality. She is a great addition to our family. She makes us laugh.

I was very impressed with the Tropikoon cattery when I picked up Haley to bring her home.
We would do it all over again.

Larry and Connie Etheridge

Tropikoons delivers exactly what they promise.  

When I brought my kitten home, there was no issues in transition. No adjustment period, litter problems, no feeding troubles.  The kitten was well adjusted, confident, friendly, and playful. There were No Surprises as everything was explained by Stephanie before the pickup date. 
 I had checked out other breeders before deciding on Tropikoons for my purchase and I recommend this breeder to anyone interested in getting a high quality pedigree cat for a fair price.   Tropikoons gets my ranking of 10 out of 10 for overall excellence.  No complaints.
 - Linda B, New Port Richey, FL 

In the Spring of 2014, I started looking for a special kitten to become a member of our family!  When I decided to bring another kitty into our home,  I was initially looking for temperament and good breeding.  Of course, I was looking for a great Maine Coon cat.  I found Tropikoons Cattery online when I was researching the best place to purchase a kitten.  The website was so informative that I had most of my questions answered even before I picked up the phone to call the breeder.

Stephanie Boultor, owner of Tropikoons, provided me with all of the information I needed about the latest litter of kittens that she had available.  She sent me photos and videos of the kittens in action!  The kittens all were from a family of champions and were gorgeous!   

We decided on a stunning little female we named Scout.  Scout is almost an exact replica of Tropikoon's Hang Ten, the champion kitten shown on the site.  Scout's tail is quite long and is approximately 5-6" in width.  She's quite the beauty!

Our long-time Maine Coon, Julian, was immediately interested in Scout and they bonded almost overnight.  Our dogs took just a little longer to accept her.  Standard Poodles can be a little stand-offish initially when their home is invaded by a stranger.  But they quickly succumbed to Scout's efforts to make friends.  Scout's temperament was exactly what I'd had in mind.

Stephanie at Tropikoons gave me every bit of information I needed to care for my beautiful baby.  Scout was delivered by courier because Tropikoons never ships kittens.  She was delivered to us after a safe ride in the cabin of the aircraft.  

I would definitely recommend Tropikoons to the person who is looking for a healthy, quality pet with a fantastic disposition.  Stephanie is delightful to work with. - Jeanne Rust


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