Grand Premier
Coonoquan's Calvin Klein


Sire: GC Stormwatch's Gucci Cat of Coonoquan

Dam: CH Purrdefur's Chanel of Coonoquan

Cameo Mackerel Tabby with White

Retired in New York and owned by Diane Kauffman


Grand Champion

 Coonoquan's Daytona 500 of Nascat, DM


Sire: GC Avicat's Versace of Coonoquan

Dam: CH Coonoquan's Autumn Rain

Brown Classic Tabby with White

Owned by Donna Hinton, Nascat Cattery


Grand Champion

 Coonoquan's Arcadia of Avicats


Sire: CH Cooneyisle's Milk Money of Coonoquan

Dam: CH Sarajen's Oban Single Malt

Brown Classic Tabby 

Born: July 18th, 1999

Owned byJulia Cozzarelli, Avicats Cattery



                Grand Champion, Ral Wner

Coonoquan's Savannah of Smokeycoons


Sire: GC, RW Stormwatch Dirtrak Demon of Nascat

Dam: GC Coonoquan's Esprit

Silver Mackerel Torbie with White

Owned by: Fred and Elaine Weitz, Smokeycoons Cattery


Coonoquan's Brannan of Fogcity 

Sire: CH Stormwatch Red Skye At Morning  
Dam: GC Nascat Porsche of Coonoquan
Black Smoke and White 
Owned by: Tina Dodge, Fogcity Maine Coons

Coonoquan's Carrara 924 GTS of Nascat 

Sire: CH Stormwatch Red Skye at Morning

Dam: GC Nascat Porsche of Coonoquan

Smoke Calico 

Born: July 29th, 2001

Owned by Donna Hinton, Nascat Maine Coons


Champion Coonoquan Portia of Cronus

Sire: GC Coonoquan Fire N Ice of Purrdefur
Dam: Coonoquan Mardigras of Purrdefur
Silver Patched Classic Tabby with White
Born:December 25th, 1998
Owned by Bonnie Nelson, Cronus Maine Coons

Grand Champion
Coonoquan's Mariella of Versus

Sire: GC, RW, Nascat's R/R Phantom of Coonoquan
Dam: GC Coonoquan's Escada
Silver Patched Tabby with White
Owned by: Yoko Noguchi, Tokyo, Japan, Versus Maine Coons


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